About me

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  • A former “conscienceness-underground” hip-hop artist from the group Secta 7. Began hip hop career at age 15 while in high school in Houston, Texas after falling in love with spoken word “slam” poetry.
  • Began to intern for Universal Music and Videos while in university. Lead to the desire to learn about marketing, promotions and advertising.
  • Graduated from university with a Liberal Arts Degree that included a Pre-law curriculum of Political Science and Speech communications. ¬†Went on to graduate school for a MBA in Marketing.
  • Traveled the USA and met lots of creative people. Lived in Texas, Florida and now Toronto, Canada.
  • In 2010 Bohemian Design Solutions was started which involves self publishing, websites, graphics design and photography.
  • Mastered the art of being a wife, a mom, a business woman, a super hero and religious leader…..
  • Loving life….

The above points pretty much sums up my experience in life thus far. Life is a journey and my life has been bitter and sweet, however, without every bitter moment, I would not have grown into the person that I am now. I owe my love for crafting and business to my grandmother who I saw working everyday for her family and still came home to bake cakes and pies to sell on the side-while sitting at her sewing machine every night. I remember being inspired to create my wedding dress for my marriage renewal because I remember her making a gorgeous wedding gown from scratch when I was young.

I love the arts, music and movies. I am a big nerd. Marvel comics….yes! Fairy tales….yes! Hobbits….yes! I love all of the above. Furthermore, I enjoy a great plot, a good mystery to solve and great company of true friends. When I create art, whether through crafting, painting or design, I am happy. Creating brings me joy. And I hope that one day I can pass on these skills to my children.

Random thoughts:

I love Prince, the artist formerly known as

MY favorite color is pink. I hastag #everybodyneedsalittletwilightsparkle because I’m a Brony and love My Little Pony Friendship is Magic lol!

I absolutely love DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knit, crochet, sew, craft, cook, eat-breathe and drink having something in my hand to create with.

A love my family, hubby and being a supermom.

I am my own knitFABulous brand and I am the founder and Editor-n-Chief of Crochet Savvy Magazine.

My favorite word is “fabulous” and I love makeup and fashion.

Hardships or not, I love life, God and mentoring others to remain positive in a world filled with sorrow.